Performance Based Irrigation Management Contract

MWDOC created the Performance Based Irrigation Management Contract (PBIMC) to complement existing maintenance contracts by including a customizable irrigation budget monitoring component. The PBIMC is an outcome-based approach to maintenance contracting that uses irrigation scheduling performance measures to define minimum irrigation efficiency standards that must be met by the landscape contractor. Click here to view the PBIMC.

Orange County Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance and Guidelines

MWDOC worked with the Orange County Division of the League of Cities, Orange County cities, and retail water providers to develop a model Water Efficient Landscape Ordinance specific to the needs of Orange County. Click here for more information on the model Landscape Ordinance and Guidelines.

Orange County Surface Soil Textures Map

MWDOC and the Natural Resources Conservation Services have developed a surface soil textures map to help you determine the surface soil type at your home. Knowing your surface soil texture type will help you establish an appropriate watering schedule for your home landscape. Click here to view the Orange County surface soil textures map.

Research Activities

MWDOC's water use efficiency department participates in a variety of research activities. These research projects allow us to design and implement more effective water use efficiency programs that benefit all end users. Click here for a listing of current and past water use efficiency research activities.

H2Os for HOAs

H2O for HOAs is a water forum designed to inform and educate homeowner associations, property managers, and landscape contractors, about water efficient practices, water-runoff regulations, cost-effective water management strategies, and available rebate programs. Click here for more information.

Water Use Efficiency Master Plan

In May 2012, the Municipal Water District of Orange County (MWDOC) began developing a Water Use Efficiency Master Plan (Master Plan) for Orange County.

The purpose of the Master Plan is to define how Orange County will comply with, or exceed, the state mandate of a 20 percent reduction in water use by 2020, and how we will achieve our share of Metropolitan's Integrated Resources Plan water savings goal. The Master Plan is designed to achieve the water savings goal at the lowest possible costs while maintaining a mix of programs desired by water agencies and consumers throughout Orange County.

After a year-long stakeholder-supported process, a draft Water Use Efficiency Master Plan was presented to the MWDOC Board of Directors for approval.

Download and print the Water Use Efficiency Master Plan news release here.

Download and print the Water Use Efficiency Master Plan briefing paper here.

Click on the image below to download theOrange County Water Use Efficiency Master Plan.